This page provides password mailing services to current users who have lost their password.
For security reasons we cannot distribute passwords over e-mail or the world wide web. We will mail a password to your current address
Please choose the site to which you would like a password:
  • The Member Site
    This section of the web site serves the health care needs of ACH plan members and their families.
  • The Employer Site
    This section of the web site contains tools for the employers who use our self-funded benefit packages.
  • The Broker Site
    This area of the site provides resources for the brokers and consultants who manage and sell our benefit plans.
  • The Provider Site
    This site can be easily accessed by Healthcare Providers to access information on our members.

Member Site

As soon as you become enrolled in America's Choice Healthplans®, you should receive a letter in the mail from your employer with your username and password. If your employer has not yet informed you of your username and password, please contact the human resources department at your company.

Please enter your Social Security Number into our secure server to request a login/password mailing to your home address.
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Please Note: you can only use this service if you have already received a login and password from your employer and have lost it or cannot remember it. We will mail you a letter with your login and password to your current address by the end of the business day.

Employer and Broker Sites

If you have not yet filled out a form indicating logins, passwords and security levels, please call 1-888-321-9684. Otherwise, please fill out the form below.
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Employer Site
(For human resources personnel and executives)
Broker Site
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Provider Site

The Provider Site does not require a password,
Instead it will prompt you to enter your Tax ID and some additional information about the patient.